Ebook Financial Innovation Handbook – An Introduction to the Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Universe

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Today, thanks to the digitalisation of society, the financial market has changed.
Decentralised Finance (DeFi), FinTech, RegTech, SupTech, Regulatory Sandboxes, Innovation Hubs, Cryptocurrencies, Cryptoassets, Tokens, Altcoins, Stablecoins, Initial Coin Offering (ICO), Peer-to-Peer Networks, Blockchain, Distributed Ledger Technology, Non-Fungible Tokens, Decentralised Autonomous Organisations (DAO), Crowdfunding, Smart Contracts, Robo-Advisors, ETFs.
These are some of the expressions and concepts that, over the last decade, have represented the revolution of the digital age.
Despite the media attention these innovations have received, it is still very difficult to summarise the meaning of these concepts and expressions in a few words.
Although there are already many books and research articles that explore each of these themes with a high degree of objectivity and depth, strictly speaking, their concepts remain imperceptible to most people.
This book seeks to demystify these concepts and aims to help the reader understand the present (and future) of financial innovation.