Ebook Private Equity & Venture Capital Handbook

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The aim of this book is to demystify two very complex and everexpanding areas: Private Equity and Venture Capital.
These are two areas that go beyond mere economic, financial, or legal concepts and cut across a multitude of sectors.
The structure of the book has been carefully considered. Given the countless expressions and concepts it covers, it is impossible to find a perfect division of each area in a single book. This is because, for example, in a transaction, dozens of concepts are interlinked. Therefore, each concept is explained in alphabetical sequence to make it easier to read and understand.
There is an urgent need to increase (and improve) financial literacy, and the data from specialised reports reflects this need. This book therefore aims to be a powerful contribution to all those who wish to increase their knowledge of the capital markets.
It is therefore recommended for professionals in law, economics, finance, management, and accountancy, as well as for all entrepreneurs, investors and interested parties.